Initially developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate prisoners of war and later developed into a fitness program for the general public, Pilates is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Be part of a fun group which is hugely diverse with people keen on enjoying themselves whilst they improve their fitness levels.
Pilates uses smooth, deliberate movements and controlled postures to tone and elongate your muscles and increase your flexibility. Correctly performed, Pilates will help to form a mind/body connection, giving you some stillness in a busy lifestyle, relax your muscles and aid sleep.

We have many different types of class on offer. Feel free to have a chat about which one may be right for you!

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Beginners Pilates

Short Courses
Pure Pilates Flow

Pure Pilates

Mixed Ability Class
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Standing Pilates

Improve Balance
Seated Pilates

Seated Sessions

Adapted Fun Pilates
Dj Pilates and fitness in Bridgwater

Better Bones

Light Weights
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Men on Mats

Flexibility & Mobility


Yoga & Pilates
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Pure Pilates Flow

Fluidity & Flow
Monthly membership
Pay as you go
6 week beginners course
Online class

Timetable & Booking

For Beginner Pilates