Two types of Pilates classes are usually available, please contact me to have a chat if you are unsure about which class is best for you.

Beginners Pilates classes

These courses are to enable clients with no experience whatsoever, or those returning to Pilates after a long break. We will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to undertake the exercises safely and to get the most out of the class.

Experienced Pilates classes

These classes are for those with previous experience of Pilates and not for novices. Please contact me to have a chat if you’re unsure which class is best for you; we want you to get the best experience from our classes!

Classes run at various venues including:

Evening and daytime classes are available.

£7per class / pay as you go
  • 6 week course
£6if you pay a month in advance
  • 6 week course
£5per class, pay as you go.
  • Simple but effective moves in a fun class