Pilates in Bridgwater

Why not try Pilates classes?

Initially developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate prisoners of war and later developed into a fitness program for the general public, Pilates is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Be part of a fun group which is hugely diverse with people keen on enjoying themselves whilst they improve their fitness levels.

Pilates uses smooth, deliberate movements and controlled postures to tone and elongate your muscles and increase your flexibility. Correctly performed, Pilates will help to form a mind/body connection, giving you some stillness in a busy lifestyle, relax your muscles and aid sleep.

We have four different types of class on offer. Feel free to have a chat about which one may be right for you!

Beginners Pilates

Six week courses. These classes have limited numbers so you can be sure of individual attention and are designed for those new to the pilates techniques. The classes are progressive, starting from the absolute basics of postural correction through the principles of pilates to more demanding moves. Everyone starts from the same level. At the end of the course you should feel confident to join any of the existing classes, safe in the knowledge that you are working safely and effectively.

Pilates Matwork

For those who have previous pilates experience or who have completed the beginners courses, these classes are a little bit more demanding and challenging and can include bands, weights, balls and other equipment to keep the classes constantly changing.

Seated Pilates

If you are recovering from an injury or have mobility issues, we offer seated classes which enable you to challenge your body in a way that is beneficial to you.

If you are managing osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, other spinal conditions or hip and knee replacements, we can support you working with your chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath to provide a comprehensive service. Come and be part of an exercise class that is positive, fun and effective.

Individual or small group sessions.

These sessions are for available for those with health issues or specific requirements. These are specific sessions, highly individualized and and tailored to your requirements.

Classes run at various venues including:

  • Bridgwater YMCA
  • Victoria Park Community Centre
  • Kings Down Pavilion
  • Fox King Dance Academy
  • Haygrove School
  • The Mill, Fiddington
  • Puriton Sports Centre

Evening and daytime classes are available.

All classes include a relaxation and wind down period.