For all activities, loose, comfortable clothing but really whatever you like! For Pilates, Purestretch and Release socks with grips or pilates socks are required but trainers are required for all other activities. Ladies – no sports bra should ever see it’s first birthday!

If you are new to Pilates ideally you should attend the beginners 6 week course or a Pilates Taster after which you are free to attend any of the other sessions provided there are spaces. This will help you work more effectively, safely and confidently. Release, and Purestretch just let us now you are coming. Please contact me to have a chat.

No booking is required for Zumba, but we do like to welcome you so simply let us know you are coming along!!

It is usually possible to give you modified exercises or alternatives that work the same muscles. I like to chat with new clients before the start of a course or class and ask you to complete a medical questionnaire that helps me identify these issues. Pilates classes require booking for this reason but for classes like Zumba simply arrive 10 minutes early if you are new. On rare occasions I may ask you to obtain a note from your Doctor to confirm that he/she feels the class you want to do is appropriate for you.

Please don’t be nervous! I am lucky in that all my class participants are friendly but they do work hard. I always ensure the exercises are effective and safe. My view is that exercise should be something that you want to do – not drag yourself to! That way it’s much more sustainable.

Just look at the Classes or Wellbeing tabs and the Timetable to find out when the classes are on.

Go to the timetable and click on the class you want to join. Choose your ticket. You can pay using Stripe or alternatively if you have already set up payments, they can continue. Please ensure you have completed a health questionnaire.

You can pay using Stripe at the time of booking.

No problem. Simply go into your booking up to an hour before and cancel.

There are 2 in-person classes per week, 1 day and 1 evening and the rest are online by ZOOM.

On booking, you will receive an invite and a reminder.

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