Privacy Policy

What is Collected?

Via the health questionnaire, contact details for both you and next of kin are collected, details of any health issues and lifestyle and your signature. On the form is also a box that you can tick to opt in to receiving newsletters once a month.

How is it used?

To communicate with you.

I use your information to send you marketing communications, communicate with you about our services and let you know about our policies and terms, changes of classes and emergency closures of classes in the event of instructor illness or weather. I also use your information to respond to me when you contact me.

To comply with insurance and professional requirements.

I am fully insured and belong to the appropriate professional bodies for my industry and as such have to maintain records and that allows me to do my job. You are aware I work with a small team of instructors and I will share health information about you only with the relevant instructor for your class and I employ some administrative services who may access that information to convert it to data. A clear set of instructions has been produced which we all adhere to with regard to the privacy of that information.

How long is this information held?

Although I may hold some information for 7 years after you leaving my services to comply with insurance or HRMC regulations, you have the right to be forgotten and not included on mailings so I will take you off any mailing lists 6 months after leaving my services.

Marketing and Publicity

With your permission, I like to take photographs to use for publicity and marketing purposes as it really does help my business but you can chose not to be involved with this.

Is it secure?

Yes all paper information is held in files in a securely locked unit and any data is password protected. I do not pass on your information to any other third parties apart from those people who work with me.

You have control.

You can unsubscribe to anything at any time. Instructions are always given at the bottom of the automated newsletters.