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I have found that doing pilates with Debbie has opened up a whole new world for me.
I used to suffer with cramps in my legs but no longer! I have lost weight, the flexibility has really helped and I have built up some really good friends.

Tina Boyer

I’m 51 and started Pilates to regain movement after two big operations that I’d had over the last 3-4 years which had left me fairly immobile.
I LOVE IT and look forward to Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there’s such a lovely group of both male and females.
Due to Debbie’s professional, caring and knowledgeable teaching technique, I’m regaining movement and confidence in my body again doing things as simple as going for a meal with my Husband…..


I started Pilates 3 years ago after considerable prompting from my wife. I had suffered from lower back pain for several years and the usual pain killers from the doctor and hot water bottle never fixed the problem and he could find no obvious cause. Trips to the gym to generally exercise or use weights also had no significant effect. Finally a referral to a physio identified very tight hamstrings so at last I had something to focus attention on as a possible cause.
Very slowly with a weekly Pilates session and a complimentary weekly session of yoga my symptoms eased and at the same time my core strength increased noticeably. Now after 3 years all the back problems have gone and I continue to feel generally fitter, stronger and much more flexible.

It is not a quick fix – I’ve heard people say they tried it for a month and it didn’t work for them. Well considering the aches and pains arise after years of bad posture or lack of exercise then it’s naive to think it can be fixed in a few hours of exercise. Pilates should be seen as part of a new way of living to slowly rebuild some lost core strength and flexibility that will help you avoid injury and make you feel much more capable. It has certainly worked for me in my 50’s and I intend to keep going.


Debbie – Your classes are excellent, one year on and I am thoroughly enjoying the complete package. Your classes are fun and friendly, challenging and relaxing. Most of all you treat us as individuals. Well done you.


Debbie is great! I’ve lost weight, had fun and can’t wait for my next class! I was never a fitness person before, but my ways are changing. The routines are fun, never boring, just brilliant. Thanks for doing what you do so well.


I love Pilates with Debbie. She is an exceptional teacher that makes hard work fun. Results are almost immediate and improvements in flexibility and strength appear very soon. I had a choice of teachers and am very glad I chose Debbie. She is GOLD and I am blossoming under her tuition.

21 in my head

I’ve been to two of Debbie’s Pilates classes. They needed a lot of concentration but were very peaceful. I felt great afterwards and would love to do more. Debbie has a lovely way of teaching and helping. Thanks, Debbie!


I’ve really enjoyed Debbie’s Body Combat classes – excellent fun and they must be good for you cos they make you sweat like you’ve never sweated before!!! Thank-you.


Love Debbie’s classes she has a fantastic way of making the class fun even though we are working hard. She is enthusiastic and welcoming. Classes are not intimidating and there is a good age range. I am more aware of my posture since I’ve been attending for almost a year and enjoy each class. Highly recommended!


Totally loved Debbie’s Pink Aerobics classes – had the chance to try out salsa which was great fun. It was all at a steady pace which I found easy to keep up with and Debbie was really encouraging. Cheers Debbie-only wish you had some classes nearer!

Pink Aerobics

Debbie, I have been to a few of your classes which are brilliant and seem so much fun, you have a lovely caring, natural way and make people feel at ease, and really enjoy their exercise. Keep on going girl you will do well!

Willing Learner

Hi Debbie I am loving it! You are right in that I really ‘got it’ last night! You explain things really well and I am planning to continue Pilates after this 6 week course. I am feeling the benefit of better posture and less lower back pain too – excellent news!!


Thanks, Debbie! I really enjoyed myself and have missed your classes! Thank you for the advice about my posture that has really helped and I am practising walking tall as much as poss but will need the occasional nudge so if you see me sticking my tail out please feel free to remind me..!