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Debbie Johnson

Debbie is a fully qualified and experienced Pilates and fitness yoga instructor. She is a Spinesafe instructor, has a specialism in Diamond Pilates, has been teaching exercise for over 18 years and trained in martial arts for nearly 20 years prior to that.

She also qualified as an aqua instructor, has taught Step, Combat, Aerobics, Body Conditioning, Purestretch Biomechanics and Zumba in addition to Pilates!

She likes to make her exercise classes effective but fun, and is passionate about the benefits of Pilates. Clients find her friendly, approachable and welcoming as well as extremely knowledgeable and experienced due to working in various locations including surgeries and hospitals. She is also a teacher and assessor for a training company, helping instructors qualify in Pilates.

Debbie has worked in various locations including surgeries and hospitals and has won awards for working with people who struggle with exercise and understands many of the barriers clients face, such as confidence, childcare, age, healthcare issues etc.

Understanding how closely the mind and body work together, Debbie decided to qualify in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, part of the last cohort trained by David Newton, an international hypnotherapist. This enables her to help those suffering from, sleeplessness, low mood and anxiety as well as phobias.

In addition to online and in-person classes, Debbie offers private consultations and assessments, both on ZOOM or in person at Garry Toms Riverside Health Clinic, Bridgwater (Monday mornings and Thursday evenings on request).


Gemma Carpenter

Gemma Carpenter is a skilled Pilates, Purestretch and Tai Chi/QiGong instructor and she specializes in Intrinsic Biomechanics. She has two girls and a mad dog called Oscar!


Kathryn Marshall

Kathryn Marshall found her love for Pilates after a car crash which left her with whiplash.

Kathryn started as a client and found the difference it made to her life. She qualified as an instructor so she could share the knowledge. A mother of twins, she is always busy and always smiling.